We understand that new construction can be an overwhelming and intimidating process, especially for those who have never had the experience. Our goal is to eliminate all the stress by handling every phase of the project from start to finish.

Design and Drafting
We begin by sitting down and helping you decide what kind of project will best satisfy your needs while remaining within your budget. We have a large inventory of blueprints and photos as well as many years of combined experience to help provide new ideas, and give you a clearer image of the structure you would like us to build. We also sell drawings!

Permit Application and Engineering
This is probably be the most complicated part of the project for homeowners who attempt it on their own. We eliminate this burden by handling every step of the process, representing you at intake meetings and submitting plot plans and stamped engineering documents on your behalf. Once this phase is complete we are ready to break ground!

Site Preparation
We have the equipment and experience to clear and groom your property for construction. We pride ourselves at preparing our jobsites in ways that allows for the most efficient and uninhibited construction process. Our involvement in this phase allows us to get your job done right from the ground up, in the least amount of time.

Component Packaging and Quality Control
For 30 years, we have only used the highest quality materials in our buildings. While many builders say this, we guarantee that all the lumber we purchase is premium grades. It is then delivered to our shop where each individual piece is inspected, hand sorted, pre-cut, and repackaged for delivery to your jobsite. Furthermore, we vet each and every material supplier for the highest quality products in our enclosure system, material finishes and hardware. We don’t just make ambiguous claims!

Building Construction
Our crews are experienced in all phases of construction, allowing us to provide a truly customized pole building, with no lack of efficiency. Each phase of construction is done with precision and accuracy, by the same crew, guaranteeing that ensuing phases are accomplished at the highest standard. Some companies step away from their projects and hire smaller companies for each phase, which lets small errors grow exponentially by the end of the project, compromising quality dramatically. We do not compromise when it comes to delivering a superior product, and eliminate these issue by handling all phases of construction from start to finish.

Professional Network
When it comes to finishing out a structure, we have an array of subcontractors we use for insulation, plumbing, drywall, electrical, mechanical, septic, security, paint, masonry, well-drilling, tile and landscaping. We only work with contractors who share and understand our passion for superior products and services, and we have relationships that let us represent you and your vision most accurately, throughout their work.

Finish Work
This is where the barn really becomes your own! With a multitude of options including but not limited to, custom wood trim details, custom iron work, wood paneling, rubber flooring, heated storage, and really anything else you can dream up, we can provide you with a finished product that we are each proud to take responsibility for creating!